Liberate your talent at Career Crossroads

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

Find it hard to see your skills?

If you are at a major career crossroads and find it hard to see your own skills and therefore the options open to you, take the first step towards increased confidence and a rewarding new career by downloading this free sample from the Energise career e course the Energise Career Revitalisation Programme.

In this FREE 15 page download, we share three exercises to help you identify:

  • your skills
  • your key achievements
  • your greatest strengths
  • new ideas

You will gain:

  • New clarity and insights about your skills and experience
  • Mini case studies to help you show yourself in the best light at interviews
  • Greater confidence and self-awareness about your skills and achievements
  • Knowledge and evidence to help you demonstrate your value to prospective employers
  • Tools to access feedback and support from your network
  • New insights about what makes you unique

 About Energise

Energise has helped hundreds of people explore and clarify their options and make a smooth transition to a new career that realises their full potential.  We have the experience, knowledge and resources to support you.

We will work with you to open up new perspectives and opportunities, support you in making the most of your talents and help you feel empowered to build your new career.  Our creative, inspiring but deeply practical approach will help you move forwards with confidence, no matter what challenges you face.

Energise helps people from all walks of life develop the vision and energy to create a fulfilling and prosperous future.  Our clients include winner of an ITV People of Briton Award, the boss of the biggest law firm in the world and many professionals and executives from the public and private sectors.