Repositioning for Career Change

Make a difference to the world like Duncan Goose

“Work for something because it is good, not just because it has a chance to succeed.” Vaclav Havel

The world of work is changing fast and so we all need to reposition ourselves to make the most of opportunities, and enjoy the new career we choose or attract work that the market requires. Read about our clients’ journeys:

A midlife career reinvention – Anne

Persistence to realise a career vision – Anna

Public sector to private sector – Louise

From public sector to private sector – Kerry

Making a difference to the world – Duncan

“Rachel has helped me to stay on track, championing the successes and helping me to believe that my vision was possible, plus identifying ways around the inevitable obstacles that have been in my path”.

Duncan Goose, founder, Global Ethics

Mini career change coaching programme – Repositioning for career change

  • Understand new career options for your skills
  • Redesign your CV to reposition your experience
  • Develop a verbal business card for your new career identity

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