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from public to private sector

“Step up the stairs or stare at the steps” Ralph Nicholls

Career evolution from public to private sector – Louise

“Transitioning from the public to private sector can feel daunting and Rachel helped me to see how marketable I am, to define my niche and target audiences and how to network and market myself to achieve my career ambitions. She also helped me increase my self-awareness about what I really wanted, see actual and perceived blocks in the way of success and how to overcome them. She reminds me of my achievements when I forget and has introduced me to some really useful contacts and resources. It is great to know that she is there for my next career crossroads and I know she always thinks about how she can help me. Coaching is a great investment in your prospects, even more so in competitive market conditions, and I am glad I made it.”

Louise Howell, Entrepreneurial Health Strategist

Career Coaching Full Programme

The Energise 12 hour coaching programme is tailored to your specific needs and phased to suit you. We can meet you face-to-face or via telephone/Skype. Fast track change is 6 weeks or you can go at a more relaxed pace over 6 months – you choose.

Together we explore your values, motivations, needs, wants, skills and personal brand.  We review options and identify a goal and step-by-step plan to achieve it.  We share career guides, articles, CV templates and examples, make useful introductions and help you overcome any blocks to success.

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