You as a brand – what’s your USP?

Brand you

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition and it means simply the thing that makes you different, distinctive or better from other people who do what you do. A brand is a product or service with a unique or distinct territory or character that occupies a space in the minds and hearts of its target audience. What territory do you

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Purposeful external networking

purposeful external networking

Networking is an important activity in business and to further your career. However, without a clear purpose, you can waste a huge amount of precious time and achieve little. Networking is all about creating and building relationships, but as in your personal life, choosing these people carefully is wise. What is vital is

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Setting up your own business


Setting up a business is a dream come true for some people and something that others wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. A high proportion of businesses fail but you don’t need to be one of this statistic with careful planning and research. There are many catalysts to setting up a business; spotting a gap in the market; taking on a franchise, commercial demand for something you do as a hobby; the opportunity to buy an existing business, being made redundant and having a cash sum; wanting more freedom or money etc. This article has some tips

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Portfolio working

portfolio opportunities

What is portfolio working and why is it growing? Portfolio working is when an individual has multi strands rather than just 1 to their career. This trend has been growing for a while, fuelled by desire and also necessity post credit crunch. Why is portfolio working growing

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Changing Career

career choices

Change is constant and this is especially true in the world of work. Today’s school leavers will reinvent themselves 7 times career-wise in their lifetime. When you are the main breadwinner, have a big mortgage or children to support, changing your career can be a daunting prospect. However, staying in a job or profession you hate can be worse in the long run than facing up to any fears about change. Up to two thirds of people don’t enjoy their work and this a huge number! Often people fall into a career or profession

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Becoming unstuck

feeling stuck when changing career

Feeling stuck when changing career is a common theme. A new career involves a lot of new and, for many, challenging aspects: Learning the language of a new market; Having to market yourself; Creating a different network; Asking for help, advice and introductions. This can be overwhelming and daunting

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Bored at work

bored at work

Common causes Many people fall into a career or job, so it’s not surprising that they can feel bored at work. Boredom can be caused by a number of factors including; poor fit of your role with your personal values and motivation; staying put in a job because you avoid risk, especially in the current economic climate…

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Blowing your own trumpet

Career Strategies

Why is it vital to blow your own trumpet? Do you dislike blowing your own trumpet? Would you like a promotion at work, have you ever felt frustrated at being passed over for a promotion or a project you knew you were perfect for? Blowing your own trumpet and sharing your successes and value is essential whether you are employed or self employed. It comes easily to some people and others find it alien.

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